God Built Creation to Reflect His Greatness – Psalm 8:1-9

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Another day at work, another afternoon of mindless labor, another half-hour-wait to get on the freeway. We get sick of the songs on the radio, of the bumper stickers in front of us, and the person who won’t stop riding our tail as we all try to make it home for the night. It’s easy to get caught up in these thoughts and forget what lies just beyond the pavement of the streets, or just above our windshields.

God has put beauty all around us. Evidence of His creative work, testimony to who He is. This creation, which is beautiful from the complexity of a flower surviving between the cracks in the sidewalk to the breathtaking expanse of stars that comes out every night, reminds us of How much God provides.

We don’t deserve it, we hardly remember to ask for it, and yet God provides us with what we need through the beauty of His creation every moment. He sends rain to grow the crops in other states that we ship in to eat at lunch with our cup of artisan coffee, he gives sunlight for the flowers in the park that keep our spirits joyful. God has put His handiwork into a world that we are blessed to experience and explore, and we easily forget to see His signature.

Next time you’re stuck in traffic or waiting in line at the drive-through, or just walking down the street, remember to thank God for the gifts He provides, and praise Him for His magnificent creation. Rise above every day, above the traffic jams and bumper stickers, and fix your eyes on the Light God provides.

Writer: John Karolus

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