Without Faith, It is impossible to please God. - Hebrews 11:6

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We have the opportunity for faith everyday. When we get out of bed, we have the certainty that our cars will be outside, that our job will be there, that our kids are in their room-even though we aren’t able to see it in that moment. 

In life’s biggest moments, there’s gotta be faith involved to accomplish anything. Faith that the love of your life will certainly say yes to your marriage proposal, that you will get hired at the job you’ve been so aspiring towards, that your beautiful baby will take their first step.

Of course, there are moments when our faith is shaken-when that job is lost, when our loved one unexpectedly leaves our life, when there is sickness and hurt.. There is still one who we can put our faith and trust into. 

We can be certain of one thing in the midst of all the uncertainty. That we serve a Good Father who is in control of everything. Faith is an opportunity we face everyday, why not put our hope in the one who can fulfill all hopes.


Put your faith in God and you will see some amazing things start to happen in your life-even in the hardship. Rising above takes faith. 

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